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Wells Fargo Taps Versta Research for LGBT Study

EVANSTON, IL—July 15, 2016—For the third year, Wells Fargo launched an in-depth look at LGBT financial attitudes and behaviors amidst rapid changes in marriage equality and financial protections, partnering with Versta Research to design and execute the study.

This year’s survey focused on “next steps” for same-sex married couples as they now focus on having and raising children, and on financial planning for the future with new legal rights in place.

The survey found, for example, that almost one in five (17%) same-sex married couples are planning to have children, including 47% of married millennials. It also found that more than one in four (29%) have not yet reviewed or changed named beneficiaries on insurance policies and other financial accounts, and many more have not yet made adjustments to their powers of attorney, medical directives, and/or wills.

“From a research perspective, surveying LGBT Americans is surprisingly tricky,” said Joe Hopper, president of Versta Research. “Beyond being a small, relatively hard-to-reach population, there is huge variation among LGBT Americans, which makes sampling and analysis difficult. Think about the B in LGBT, for example. They make up roughly 40% of the LGBT population, and many of them are in opposite-sex relationships. Marriage equality has little practical impact on them. An LGBT survey needs to carefully delineate various sub-groups to avoid making broad, misleading statements.”

Last year, Versta Research presented its 2014 and 2015 LGBT work with Wells Fargo at multiple venues: the Advertising Research Foundation’s ReThink conference, the MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference, and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Convention & Media Summit. “We are pleased to continue our research partnership with Wells Fargo,” said Hopper. “They have amazing teams who are committed to rigorous, forward-thinking research and to LGBT community outreach. It has been a privilege to help them with both.”

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