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Versta Research Tops Quirk’s 2016 “Most Read” Article List

EVANSTON, IL—December 19, 2016—Quirk’s today announced the top articles its 49,000 subscribers viewed during 2016, which included Versta Research’s Nine Habits of Great Market Research Vendors published in August. The article describes essential best practices that consistently differentiate good vendors from bad ones at any rung of the research supply chain. It is the second time in three years that Versta Research has earned the annual year-end top spot.

The article first appeared two years ago in the Versta Research Newsletter. Then in August, Quirk’s re-published a version of the Versta article in its e-newsletter. “In just three months this became one of their most-viewed articles of the year,” said Joseph Hopper, president of Versta Research. “It is good to know we’re producing the kind of thought leadership and insights that our colleagues and customers really value.”

The article reviews some of most important ways in which vendors—knowingly or not—build trust, confidence, relationships, and repeat business with customers in the research industry. “We were thinking about all the annoying things our vendors do to us, and turned them into lessons for what we at Versta Research believe all researchers on the supplier side should be doing for their clients,” Hopper explained. “The article has become a manifesto of what we expect from our vendors, and what we pledge to our clients.”

The nine habits, in brief, are:
  1. Great vendors focus on earning trust and business with each new project
  2. Great vendors don’t brag about what they can do—they just do it
  3. Great vendors manage timelines to get things done
  4. Great vendors offer their best people to work with
  5. Great vendors add value in unexpected ways
  6. Great vendors accept responsibility for mistakes and fix them
  7. Great vendors focus on relationships rather than revenue
  8. Great vendors do what is asked
  9. Great vendors don’t care about job titles

A copy of the full article is available on the Versta Research website at
A free PDF download of the Quirk’s re-publication is available at

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