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Press Releases


Versta Research to Speak at 2017 Corporate Researchers Conference

EVANSTON, IL—October 1, 2017—Versta Research will be presenting at the upcoming 2017 Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) sponsored by the Insights Association in Chicago. The session, entitled How to Create Spectacular—And Effective—Infographics, will feature a 40-minute talk by Joe Hopper, president of Versta Research, along with Kate Morris, who spent many years in the research group at Fidelity Investments. It was for Ms. Morris, at Fidelity Investments, that Versta Research first tried its hand at infographics for market research.

“We’re really happy to be presenting at the Corporate Researchers Conference, in particular because this was the annual conference that first inspired Versta Research to develop infographics for clients,” said Hopper. “I heard corporate researchers talking about the potential for infographics at the CRC in Dallas four years ago. Learning how to do that on our own became a mission for us after that.”

Hopper and Morris will talk about the infographic that Versta Research developed for an ongoing study that Fidelity conducts to monitor retirement readiness among nurses. On the corporate side, Morris will talk about four challenges faced when trying to distribute research findings:

1. Getting media attention in a noisy environment
2. Getting executives up to speed quickly for interviews
3. Getting attention from customers and prospects
4. Getting corporate researchers out from under tons of data

According to Morris, the infographic that Versta Research developed set a new gold standard for research press releases at Fidelity. Morris says that infographics appeal to both reporters and executives. In addition, infographics have cut the internal research team’s work time in half, and internal clients have started using them as a broader marketing tool.

The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17 at 2:10pm. The nurses infographic they will be highlighting can be viewed and downloaded from the Fidelity website. Also available for download is an “infographic about infographics” that Hopper and Morris will share, which summarizes the eight tips for research infographics they will discuss.

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