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Press Releases


Versta Research to Present Findings on Consumers and Mobile Signatures

EVANSTON, IL—August 15, 2017—Versta Research will be presenting research findings from an in-depth study commissioned by Wells Fargo at a free webinar on September 12. The webinar is being sponsored by the Electronic Signatures and Records Association (ESRA) and Wells Fargo. A presentation of findings is also planned for the upcoming ESRA Annual Conference in November being held in San Francisco.

The commissioned research involved a close collaboration between IBM and Versta Research. IBM’s user experience team explored the challenges and needs of consumers as they navigated through two hypothetical loan-signing activities. Versta Research implemented a rigorous quantitative study of U.S. consumers to document behaviors, attitudes, and barriers to signing loan documents—even mortgage documents—on electronic and mobile devices.

Over three-quarters of Americans are now smartphone owners. For many, these devices are the key entry point to the online world. Consequently, consumer expectations of access to financial services from their mobile devices are on the rise.

Financial institutions are finding more and more that mobile options for consumers are not options at all but instead are imperatives to business success. These include lending options upon which millions of dollars and man hours are being spent in development each and every month.

So just how comfortable are consumers with using a mobile device:
  • To review, understand, and sign actual legal documents?
  • To work through an entire loan process?
  • For important financial transactions with limited assistance by actual human beings?
And, what is the connection between what consumers are experiencing and their consequential behavior?

For answers, ESRA and Wells Fargo invite you to attend their free one hour webinar on Tuesday, September 12 at 2PM CDT. The presentation will be hosted by Joe Hopper, PhD, of Versta Research, with commentary from Ken Moyle, ESRA Director of Public Policy, and President & Chief Legal Officer at K6 Partners.

Please contract Versta Research at (312) 348-6089 for a free registration link.

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