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Press Releases


Versta Research Joins Public Relations Society of America

EVANSTON, IL – October 30, 2009 – Versta Research today announced membership in the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the nation’s largest organization of public relations and communications professionals. Versta Research is a market research and public opinion polling firm that specializes in research for communications and marketing teams.

“Becoming a part of the PRSA reflects our deepening commitment to understanding the unique needs of PR professionals,” said Joseph Hopper, president of Versta Research. “As businesses become more information-driven, PR professionals are relying more on data and information as well. We help clients who are struggling to find data-rich story angles or insights about their customers or products, and help them turn data into stories they can use.”

Hopper highlighted three pieces to successful partnerships with marketing and communications teams. First is the involvement of a client’s business leaders who know their issues intimately. Second is the involvement of a marketing and communications team that understands the unmet needs for information, guidance and direction. Third is the involvement of a research team with expertise in creating, developing, and communicating rigorous studies with credible data. “When you have all three working together, you can achieve true thought leadership with significant media placements to reflect that.”

PRSA provides a forum for leaders in all three areas – business, communications, and research – to share their expertise and best practices across disciplines. Currently gearing up for its 2009 international conference in San Diego, the PRSA represents nearly every practice area and professional and academic setting in the public relations field.

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