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Versta Research in the News

Take a look at recent articles in the news about Versta Research and our clients.

Versta Election Commentary Published in Quirk's
Versta Research’s analysis of election polling for the 2016 presidential campaign, along with five lessons for market research, was picked up by Quirk’s media and re-published in April.

Versta Research Helps with WOM Research
New research about the power of online reviews has been published by Findings highlight how car shoppers use reviews, which types and sources of reviews they trust, and how they feel about negative reviews.

The Mobile Influence on Car Shopping partnered with Versta Research for its latest research on how mobile devices are shaping the modern car shopper’s journey, including which devices they use and how they use them.

College Profs Get a “B” for Financial Literacy
Fidelity Investments released its 2017 Higher Education Faculty Study conducted by Versta Research, which highlights how faculty and higher education employees are thinking about their readiness for retirement. Findings are highlighted in a retirement readiness infographic available from Fidelity.

Wells Fargo Advisors Helps Customers with Envision® Planning Tool
Versta Research recently helped Wells Fargo document how the Envision® process helps customers prioritize their financial goals and adapt to change.

Survey of Office Workers Highlights Productivity Challenges
Versta Research conducted Fellowes’ biennial “Productivity in the Workplace” survey, which focuses on current productivity challenges. This year’s survey also highlighted important generational differences.

Versta Launches Research for Wespath Benefits & Investments
Versta Research has been working with the benefits and pension group of the United Methodist Church since 2009 to understand and track clergy well-being. The 2017 wave of this biennial effort just launched.

Survey for Transunion Explores Big Data and Financial Analytics
Versta Research documented the struggle that lenders face in keeping up with their data. Findings are highlighted in an interactive infographic, with an e-book available for download.

The Financial Impact of Marriage Equality
Versta Research conducted a survey for Wells Fargo (featured in this NBC News article) about last year’s Supreme Court ruling and how it is affecting the finances and future planning of same-sex couples.

Versta Research’s “9 Habits” Featured in Quirk’s
Our feature article on the nine habits that make for really great vendors in the entire market research supply chain was published by Quirk’s in August (download a free PDF version of “9 Habits”).

The Competitive Impact of Alternative Data
TransUnion commissioned a new industry study about the use of alternative data among lenders who rely on consumer credit data. A summary of findings, an infographic, and a full report are now available.

News Coverage for Survey on Money and Marriage
Versta Research’s survey for Wells Fargo in advance of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was reported by CNBC, FA Magazine, Black Enterprise, and Curve.

Physicians and Pain Sufferers Open Up About Rx Abuse
Versta Research conducted a survey about prescription drug abuse for Teva Pharmaceuticals, the American Academy of Pain Management, and the U.S. Pain Foundation, which is featured on the Pain Matters website with an infographic that highlights research findings.

Third Wave of Clergy Health Study Completed
Versta Research has been working with the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church since 2009 to understand and track clergy health. The 2015 research results are now available.

Findings from Affluent Women Survey Published
Wells Fargo has published a white paper from the research we did for them about affluent women and retirement.

US News & World Report Highlights Results from Employee Engagement Survey
Our collaboration with Brilliant Ink on a new Employee Experience Assessment tool continues to make headlines.

Home Loans Poll: Technology Improves the Process
Discover Home Loans continues to release findings from the survey we conducted for them about homebuyers and technology, which was also recently featured in The Huffington Post.

Teens' Views of Tech Careers
Creating IT Futures has published a white paper from the research we did for them about teen views of tech careers, which was recently featured in an article by Forbes.

Affluent Women Enjoy Making Money
Versta Research conducted a survey of affluent women for Wells Fargo, which was recently featured in stories by Bankrate, Forbes, and other news media outlets.

Homebuyers Addicted to Technology
A new study for Discover Home Loans documented how recent homebuyers use technology and online listings, and was featured in Time and on other news sites.

New Research on Employee Productivity
Versta conducted a new survey for Fellowes documenting current challenges and trends in employee productivity at the workplace.

Versta Research to Share PR Insights at ARF
Versta Research will present at the Advertising Research Foundation’s annual Re:Think conference along with Wells Fargo with a paper entitled “Sync Your Message with Social Change and Quadruple Your Earned Media.”

Hispanic Investors Seeking Investment Education
A survey of Hispanic investors for Wells Fargo was featured in broadcast segments on CNN Dinero, ¡Hola Ciudad!,,, and Un Nuevo Dia, along with other major news outlets.

Urban Teens See Future in IT Careers
The Creating IT Futures Foundation partnered with Versta Research and Doyle Research to document how urban teens think about their futures and how the IT industry can attract more of them into tech careers.

Homebuyers Unprepared for Mortgage Process
A survey of prospective homebuyers for Discover Home Loans was featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and other finance and real estate news outlets.

The Science of Pairing College Roommates
The Chicago Tribune featured an article about our client's college roommate matching program, for which Versta Research developed the algorithm.

Talking about Money Difficult for LGBT Investors
A Versta Research survey for Wells Fargo was featured in Fortune, Investment News (registration required), Bankrate, and on the front pages of CNN and NBC News.

4 Ways to Inspire Brilliance from Your Team
Liz Kelly, CEO of Brilliant Ink, was featured in Fortune with an article highlighting survey findings from the Employee Experience study.

Versta Survey Findings Featured on Discovery Channel Program
Recent findings from two surveys about chronic pain were featured in a documentary film produced by the Discovery Channel.

More on Retirement Savings among Nurses
Healthcare news sites continue to cite findings from Fidelity Investments’ nurses tracking study conducted by Versta Research, now in its fourth wave.

10 Ways to Make Sure New Employees Love You
The Muse, a careers website aimed at Millennials, with more than 3M+ subscribers featured an infographic developed with survey findings from Brilliant Ink and Versta Research.

Local Survey Highlights Need for Education about Schizophrenia
Findings from a recent Versta Research survey of Birmingham residents were featured in the local Birmingham press.

Retirement Savings Up among Nurses
Fidelity Investments just released findings from the third wave of a tracking study conducted by Versta Research that measures shifts in attitudes and behaviors among U.S. nurses since 2007.

Professors Over-Confident and Complacent about Retirement Savings
Our research about retirement planning and savings among faculty in higher education was recently featured in The Boston Globe.

Survey: College Faculty Are Delaying Retirement
Research for Fidelity Investments has been featured on CNN, Bankrate, and other media outlets.

Boomers with Pensions Retiring in Debt
Even with traditional defined benefit pensions plans, almost half of boomers are retiring with debt according to a new Fidelity Investments survey conducted by Versta Research. Findings have been featured in Plan Sponsor Magazine, Financial Advisor, and other media outlets.

Versta Survey Helps Launch Diabetes Campaign
Results from a new survey conducted by Versta Research were published this month in the American Chronic Pain Association’s (ACPA) quarterly publication, Chronicle, as part of a new educational initiative to help patients and physicians talk about diabetic nerve pain symptoms.

A Generational Look at Saving for Retirement
Versta Research conducted Fidelity Investments’ 2011 Higher Education Generational Survey, which was featured this week by Time and by the Chronicle of Higher Education, among other media outlets.

Nurses Feel Secure about Jobs, but Not about Retirement
A new study by Versta Research for Fidelity Investments provides insight into how the economy and health care industry changes have affected nurses’ perspectives on their profession and retirement.

Workers Uninformed about Pension Plans
With more than 42 million Americans participating in corporate pensions today, a Fidelity Investments survey (conducted by Versta Research) of corporate pension plan participants has found a widespread lack of awareness about how those plans work.

Survey Finds Menthol Smokers Feel "Twice-Addicted"

Social Media's Role in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Believe Myths about What Causes Colds

Versta Research Survey Explores Denture Care and Bacteria Growth

New Survey Shows Misperceptions about 'Light' Cigarettes Persist (News Release)

Misperceptions about 'Light,' 'Low,' 'Mild' Cigarettes (Article in Medical News)

New Survey Reveals That Parents Lack Information about Dehydration and Its Treatment