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Our Versta Research quarterly newsletter contains thoughts and insights about issues of interest to the marketing research community and their clients.

2017 Newsletters
Ten Tips for Flawless Fieldwork, October, 2017

A Snazzy Revamp of Survey Invitations, July, 2017

Build a Better Customer Satisfaction Survey, April, 2017

Survey Says … Trump Won? Research Lessons from the Polling Mess, January, 2017

2016 Newsletters
Good Research Has Insights Baked In, October, 2016

Seven Lessons Learned from Great Clients, July, 2016

How to Make a Survey ADA Accessible, April, 2016

The Hidden Secrets of What Researchers Really Want, January, 2016

2015 Newsletters
A Quick Puzzle for Market Research Brains, October, 2015

Add a Star to your Survey, July 2015

Sync Your Message with Social Change, April 2015

Three Paths to Getting Your Market Research Utilized, January 2015

2014 Newsletters
Nine Habits of Great Market Research Vendors, October 2014

How to Make Spectacular Infographics, July, 2014

Finding the Best Price for Your Product, April, 2014

New Approaches for Faster (and Cheaper) Research, January, 2014

2013 Newsletters
From the Ivory Tower to the Farm: Earthly Lessons for Stellar Market Research, September 2013

How to Find Marketing Gold in the Ivory Tower: Three Academic Journals Worth Reading, June 2013

How to Design an Excellent Chart, March 2013

2012 Newsletters
Wisdom in an Age-Old Question, December 2012

Five Research Lessons from Election Season Polling, September 2012

Next Generation Survey on Research: Just Do It for Me, June 2012

Turning Data into Stories: A How-To Guide, March 2012

2011 Newsletters
How to Estimate the Length of a Survey, December 2011

Is Your Research Good Enough for The New York Times? September 2011

An Interactive Graph for Choosing Sample Size, June 2011

The ABCs of CBC: Understanding Conjoint for Market Research, March 2011

2010 Newsletters
Magic Numbers in Market Research, December 2010

Research at the Top: Three Keys to Wowing the CEO, September 2010

Bridging the Quantitative-Qualitative Gap, June 2010

The Art of Asking Questions, March 2010

2009 Newsletters
Turning Data into Stories, December 2009

How Good Are Online Survey Panels? September 2009

Do Response Rates Really Matter? June 2009

Is Market Research to Blame for the Economic Crisis? March 2009