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About Versta Research

Versta Research is a market research and public opinion polling firm that helps you answer critical questions with customized research and analytical expertise. We design studies that turn data into stories, and we help you communicate those stories to the audiences who need them most.

Versta Research comes from the social science method of Verstehen, which means literally “to understand.” Our approach focuses on the rigors of data, research design, and statistical analysis but also on the role of language, context, meaning, and interpretation. Turning data into stories means extracting that meaning and making it explicit; it means using numeric data and facts to gain a deep understanding of people’s worlds and experiences. The volume and complexity of a research data set can be daunting, but ultimately it is tied to specific issues you care about, to questions you need to have answered, and to problems that are puzzling you.

With over twenty years of experience in both academic research and business applications, we provide you with smart, creative, and flexible research to answer your critical questions. You get a research partner who is invested in you and in the success of your research being communicated and used.